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Multifunctional heat pump

Product Numbers: 2014313290

Product introduction:Compensated commercial heat pump combines hot water and cold water as well as cool recovery functions. To enjoy the cool air for free when producing hot water. Compared with the similar kinds of products, the advantage is a function of cold-hot compensated adjustment.It can achieve the purpose of providing cool water and hot water at the same time, five modes available to select:hot water;AC heating;AC cooling;hot water plus AC cooling;hot water plus AC heating.

Key features and benefits


R410A, R417A refrigerant

Environmentally-friendly, zero-ozone-depletion

Single package design

Easy installation, plumbing and wiring only

Optional spiral tube in tube condenser

Easy clean, high heat exchange rate

Optional plate heat exchanger for condenser

Higher heat exchanger rate

Four-way reversing valve

Auto defrost allows operation under low temperature

Two heat exchanger systems

1.       hot water + cooling

2.       cooling

3.       heating

4.       hot water

5.       hot water + heating

Cloud control

Monitor and control the units easily anywhere anytime


*Heating by hot water circulation and cooling by cold water circulation

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