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TONGYI EVI Low Temp Heat Pump Series

Product Numbers: 2012009

Product introduction:This series of air to water heat pump is specially designed for house heating in cold areas. R417a refrigerant is standard for this series.which is also is helpful to get better performance in low temperature.

Tongyi thermal engineering and technology R&D centre have made outstanding achievement in new generation heat pump product-Tongyi low temperature heat pump product-Tongyi low temperature heat pump water heater. This new type, through enhanced vapour injection (EVI) technology is mainly applied cold and severe climate and district. This heat pump COP overpasses 20% in such low temperature environment than normal heat pump, COP 1.8 under ambient temperature minus 59F.

Enhanced vapor injection (EVI) is the latest scroll compressor teachnology. Based on EVI compressor, Tongyi optimizes refrigerant injection technology with drive set, scroll set and high efficient motor. Tongyi EVI heat pump can increase over 20% heating capacity even though works under severe weather.

In above chart, the difference between the standard refrigerant cycle and the refrigerant cycle with EVI is in the right part visible: during the compressor a portion of wet vapour gets injected. The main differences are:

The compressor is also pressure-side cooled with effect of higher end temperature 25 30% higher power, comparable to a turbo charger slightly better coefficient of performance (COP), when EVI is activated.


Key features and benefits


R410A,R417A refrigerant

Environmentally-friendly, zero ozone-depletion

Single package design

Easy installation, plumbing and wiring only

Optional spiral tube in tube condenser

Easy clean, high heat exchange rate and avoid  refrigerant leakage to water

Optionla plate heat exchanger for condenser

Higher heat exchange rate

Four-way reversing valve

Auto defrost allows operation under low temperature

EVI technology ambient

Wodk efficiently even -15ambient tmp. without backup heating element

Cloud control

Monitor and control the units easily anywhere anytime


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