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Product Numbers: 2012008

Product introduction:Commercial Heat Pump water heater air conditioner unit Combines hot water unit with air conditioner. To enjoy the cool air for free when it producing hot water. Compared with the similar kinds of products,the advance is that it added a function of cold-hot compensated adjust. It can achieve the purpose of providing cool air and hot water in combination, and double in energy saving. It is widely used for hotel,hospital,guesthouse,and beauty salon and so on.

Key features and benefits

Smart Control and management

1.Powerful control board for the management of water heating including controlling water pump and other relative equipments.

2.An inbuilt temperature or temperature/humidity sensor

3.Universal design, able to be used in a range of Tongyi Heat Pump products, The variable voltage output can also be connected for the modulating control of the Tongyi heat pump in residential and light commercial applications.

4. Stable and tough design integrating anti-corrosion, anti-humidity, anti-rust and anti-electromagnetic interference.

Protection and intelligent error report

Completed self protection and self diagnosis functions make maintenance and repairing faster. High and low refrigerant pressure switch protection with lockout relay. Thermal motor protection against overheating.

Flexible and cascade control

Modularized  and cascade control  make it flexible and easier to build a high efficient system for different applications

R410A,R417A refrigerant

Environmentally-friendly, zero ozone-depletion

High efficiency compressor

Efficient compressor provides reliable services and energy savings by scroll compressor technology

Optimized heat exchanger

Improved hydrophilic aluminum fin in evaporator guarantees optimized heat transportation with a longer life time

Single package design

Easy installation, plumbing and wiring only

Spiral double wall tube in tube condenser

High heat exchange rate and avoid refrigerant leakage to water double wall condenser rated for potable water heating.


Painted aluminum or stainless steel cabinet provides superior protection against corrosion. with Optional corrosive duty package:The corrosive duty package includes a 316 stainless steel cabinet and a phenolic coating applied to the cooling coil and blower housing for superior corrosion protection which is recommended for the installations nearby the seacoast.

Accurate flow control

Reliable EEV is adopted for more accurate refrigerant flow control against varying condensing pressure 

Four-way reversing valve

Auto defrost allows operation under low temperature

Built-in water-return system

Turn on the tap, get hot water instantly, no minutes wait

Cloud control

Monitor and control the units easily anywhere anytime

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