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Tongyi Patan Hospital project commissioning complete
Click:2300 Date:2014-5-28 20:43:59

Tongyi Patan Hospital project is completed.2 sets of high efficient air source commercial heat pump(ASHP) are finishing the commission. Customer is satisfied with the quality and reliability,as well as fast response and services providing by Tongyi's  local agent and Tongyi services team.


This 2 KX95 cycle heating heat pumps are equipped with Copeland ZW series compressor and EEV which guarantee the precise hot water supplying as per hospital's daily demand. the double wall condensor prevents the contacting from water to refrigerant to protect the gas system as well as the water sanity.


BOth customers and local agent are impressed by Tongyi professional services. Tongyi provides free advises and consultants to the project design in order to optimized the water supplying to the hospital.


As Martin Gill said, the Sales manager of Tongyi export department, "Tongyi provides fast response services and customer-taliored  products to HVAC market, this is a requirement in current world web wide age"." Flexible supplying,Fast development and optimized supplying chain management are 3 highlights for Tongyi.


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