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Tongyi Heat Pump heats ISH 2014 Beijing
Click:1987 Date:2014-5-19 19:18:14

For ISH 2014 Beijing, Tongyi Heat Pump presents their new solutions for frozen area to provide water heating in sub zero conditions, which is a bottleneck for most of other heat pump manufactures in China.

Tongyi EVI systems is able to work in frozen condition whose COP reaches 2.0 at -15 , with higher efficiency than competitors.

Stability is one of the most critical factors for HAVC products. Tongyi has been focusing in air source heat pump water heater ( ASHP)(HPWH) since his establishment in 1999 with maximizing the quality and reliability.

The fair is successful to present the latest EVI solutions for commercial and domestic use. Tongyi engineers and sales teams communicate with our customers for optimization of water heating and  space heating system, as well as educate potential customers for Tongyi heat pump’s specification and how to save money with green energy. 

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