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TONGYI heat pump shines at CRH 2014
Click:966 Date:2014-4-15 2:43:34

Tongyi Heat Pump presents his multifunctional ASHP with EVI technology in CRH 2014, which proved to be a resounding success.


With the trend of taking place of fossil fuels boiler, heat pump no doubt will play an important role for heating in the northern China. As a pioneer in heat pump industry, Tongyi pushes his multifunctional EVI ASHP to the market with outstanding performance. COP could reaches 2.0 even under -15°C. It is a breakthrough for ASHP utilizing in frozen area.


“Sensitive and fast response to market requirement is the key to success for Tongyi since his establishment”, said Mr. Sunrise Tang,GMA of Tongyi heat pump, “  We are to put more resources and efforts into marketing & promotion, after market & services, and Product development, which will drive us ahead in the coming days."


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