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Who we are ? 

Established in 1999, Guangdong Tongyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest and most professional manufacturers of heat pumps in China. Our Company Headquarter is located in Guangzhou Photoelectric Science and Technology Park, about a 40 minutes’ drive from our manufacturing base in Nanhai, Foshan, the Guangzhou city center and Baiyun international airport. We are an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer. With the implementation of modem and scientific management practices, such as ERP, OA, making our whole company works more effectively and efficiently, enabling us to serve and satisfy our customer demands better.


For over 10 years’ development, Tongyi has been specialized in R&D and the manufacturing of a wide range of heat pumps, providing air source, ground source, and double source heat pumps. We will be happy to provide you with quality, energy-saving, eco-friendly, healthy, safe and comfortable heat pumps to meet your different applications, such as heat pump water heater (for shower, swimming pool, spa…), heat pump space heating (like underfloor heating, radiator, and fan coil), heat pump drying/dehumidification, and heat pump air conditioner. Most of our products are CCC, CE, RoHS, ETL certified or conform to applicable standards for different countries. Upon request we will not hesitate to apply for further certificates.


As a leader and one of the largest professional heat pump manufacturers in China, we have a complete industrial chain, for example, the sheet metal parts, heat exchangers including evaporators and condensers are all made in house or by our partners that we have a stake. It helps us better control the quality, optimize the performance easily and ensure on-time delivery. A lot of quality suppliers have established strategic development partnership with us, such as Emerson, Sanyo, and Panasonic. Compared with other manufactures, we are given priority when purchasing most of the key material & parts.


Whu us ? 

Most of our engineers graduated from domestic prestigious universities majored in HVAC. They have a rich and longstanding working experience in the heat pump design and development. Our great R&D team is composed of appearance engineers, construction engineers, thermal engineers and electrical engineers. We are a member of the National Standard of Heat Pump Water Heater Drafting Committee and National Research and Innovation Program of Heat Pumps, and in the meantime, cooperated with foreign companies together in OEM/ODM projects. During the years, we have obtained a variety of design patents and utility patents for heat pumps.
*Production & QC
We’ve always been committed to creating a comfortable work environment for our workers. All the workers are well trained. Most of them worked in Tongyi for years. Meanwhile, we invest a lot of capital on advanced production technology and testing equipment. More importantly, Tongyi’s environmental simulation lab has the capacity of testing heat pumps under the temperature from -15℃ to +52℃.
Currently there are 3 assembly lines reaching a monthly production capacity up to 6000 units, with an astonishing on-time delivery rate of no less than 95% and a qualification rate of more than 98%.
We always put quality on the top. For each process, we established clear work instructions and guidelines which let our workers easily and fully understand the production and their tasks, so that can ensure the quality. In addition to above, all the incoming, process and outgoing inspections are very strict:
-Incoming inspection: All the key parts are 100% inspected according to international standard and customer’s standards.
-Process inspection: Our IPQC will inspect all the process randomly.
-Outgoing inspection: All finished heat pumps are 100% inspected before shipment according to international standards and customer’s standards. On request we can provide inspection reports to our customers.
-Pre-sales service:
Just tell us your questions or needs, we hope to provide you with satisfactory answers and solutions by professional knowledge. Our service and support teams are ready and eager to help. They will guide your choice or tailor the most suitable solution for you, so the fit is the best to your needs. Our R&D will support you on finding the right fit and engineering design.
-Sales service:
Our sales team will keep in touch with you and will follow up the production schedule to make sure your products can be shipped on time.
-After-sales service:
If you still have any questions or are in dire need of help, our service and support team may be quickly reached through our remote support system. We are striving for building a service & support center near your location, if there is not one there. Besides our above mentioned services, all of our heat pumps are provided limited warranty. Spare parts are free of charge and are provided with shipment. Any problems will be replied and solved within 48hrs.


Our Team:


Our mission:

Create a great enterprise with one heart and one mind

Benefit both you and us to a sustainable development

We are dedicated to pursue sustainable development and growth with our partners, together, supplying more and more energy-efficient, eco-friendly heat pumps to the world through innovation, dedication, and cooperation.


-Innovation: We attach much importance to heat pump technology innovation. A communication platform is established for our employees to show their talents and ideas.


-Dedication: We offer annually free training programs to the public in the Huangpu Military Academy. Since 2006, we have trained hundreds of technicians who provide service, support and installations for thousands of families and companies.


-Cooperation: We established partnership with many of our customers and suppliers. A sustainable development strategy and a low-carbon environment can not be realized without their dedicated support. Win-Win situations make us grow together and bring mutual benefit to us all.


Due to our concentrated efforts, Tongyi heat pump made a great contribution to energy conservation. The energy that we saved annually is equivalent to 24000 tons of coal consumption, which means that we avoided 600,000 tons of CO2 emission for which an equivalent of 500,000 broad-leaf trees would be needed for emission reduction.



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